Emma Philo

Having worked in freelance writing for the last 3 years, Emma has covered many topics such as lifestyle, self development and notably fashion. Now based in Paris, She works in marketing and continues to create content as a contributing author for The Freight Hopper.

Top 20 World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

We envy the lives of the rich and famous – more particularly their jet-setting lifestyles. Traveling means having luxurious places to stay, and when you can splash the cash, why not treat yourself to a stay in some of the most jaw-dropping suites in the world? The rest of us normal folk, will just have to resort to living vicariously through phots.

The World’s Coolest Shopping Malls

Whether you love or hate shopping, malls are the one place where the whole family can reconnect and find their cup of tea. From luxury brands for the fashion addicts, to playful fun for the little ones, everyone can have fun. It’s an added bonus when that mall just so happens to be in an enviable tourist destination, in a modern build or with swanky concept stores.