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Emma is a freelance content creator and e-commerce specialist based in Paris and has been writing for over 5 years'. Though she is specialized in fashion, she has written on a variety of topics such as travel, technology and digital platforms.

Best Venues To Have Your Wedding

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life, so why not find an amazing setting for everyone to celebrate in? You may feel the pressure mounting, but before you panic, just know that when it comes to weddings, the world is your oyster! Choosing a destination for your wedding should be part of the fun of organizing a wedding.

Most Amazing Infinity Pools

We love kicking back and relaxing in the pool after a long day of travelling and exploring. And what could possibly beat an infinity pool? Overlooking some seriously glorious views, these pools make quite the photo opportunity! Enjoy sipping on a cocktail while admiring the scenery. Watch the sun set and fall in love with your relaxing getaway. Because sometimes, you just need to escape!

Best Luxury Hotels

If you have a taste for the finer things in life while traveling, then we know for a fact that upon your travels, you will want to check out these luxurious hotels. From their decadent setting, the five-star food to their striking views, check out why these luxury hotels have been visited by the rich and famous!

Best Places To Visit In Greece

Greece’s popularity amongst tourism is soaring, and boy do we know it! It was the European nation to welcome the most tourists over July and August 2021 – two million of us visited the country over the summer. Why Greece? It’s the birthplace of Western Civilization, amazing cuisine and of course, beautiful weather. It’s a country rich in history and culture, you’ll have plenty of monuments to visit along the way. The architecture is still traditional and the beaches are divine. It has restaurants and bars for you to enjoy some amazing cuisine and some seriously unforgettable walks. What more could you ask for a vacation destination?

Most Instagrammable Destinations

Even at times where we couldn’t travel, Instagram took us far and wide from the comfort of our own home. Influencers sharing their nostalgic travel photos made us dream of freedom and boarding a plane again, which seemed a distant prospect at the time. Now, we are scrolling through Instagram trying to select our next destination. Crystal clear waters, beach huts, futuristic architecture, whatever your dream destination may look like, you’re bound to find some envy-inducing photos on social media.

Best Places To Spend Halloween

October is here and that means only one thing – Halloween is round the corner! Halloween is not just for trick or treating kids… Us adults can enjoy it too! We may not be going round the neighborhood asking for sweets, but dressing up as something spooky sure is fun. And if you love travelling like us, then spending this celebration in a new place sounds twice as fun! But where are the best places to spend Halloween?

Best Places To Go On A Girls’ Trip

We love travelling, but travelling with our friends makes your vacation all the more fun! A girls’ trip is a great way to reconnect with your dearest friends, all while discovering a new place, seeing all the sites and enjoying some unforgettable experiences. Agreeing on a place with the girls may necessitate a group conversation, some polls, and a lot of toing and froing. So many places, so little time! So what if we told you we could help to make your decision easier?

Best Winter Retreats

Even in the coldest temperatures, winter retreats just warm up the soul. Nothing quite beats snowy mountaintops, hitting down the ski slopes and cozying up by the fire at the end of the day in a quaint chalet. Though others may want to escape the freeze during the winter months, the bravest of the bunch opt for the winter getaway.

Best Shopping Cities

If you’re a shopping addict, we’re sure that whenever you travel anywhere, you research what the shops are like. On your travels, you may feel disappointed by the variety of shops – we love discovering local brands that we may not be able to find back at home. Plus, it allows you to find unique pieces that your nearest and dearest will become envious of.

Our bucket list destinations for 2022

The world is opening up again and it’s about time you got to explore it again! The past year and a half has been torture for us globetrotters, but one thing’s for sure, it’s made us realize that life is too short. It’s time to live life to the fullest – travel to your heart’s content, and of course tick off that bucket list. Time to find some bucket list destinations to explore!