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Best Places For Shopping In Stockholm

When you think of fashion capitals, you think of Paris, Milan or London, but Nordic cities have often been overlooked in the past. Scandinavian style has been becoming more and more a thing, they are admired for their minimalist wardrobes and chic accessories. Today, there is even a Stockholm Fashion Week. The Swedish capital is gaining more and more notoriety as a fashion destination, so it’s no surprise that there is an amazing selection of shops to discover.

Sweden is the home to many fashion brands, such as H&M, COS, NA-KD and Vagabond but to name a few. The bonus with Swedish brands? They tend to be more sustainable than our fast fashion alternatives, but don’t break the bank. Want to know the best places for shopping in Stockholm? Read on to find out about the best shopping areas in the next best fashion capital!


Best places for shopping Stockholm Drottninggatan H&M Zara ARKET

Drottninggatan, which translates as Queen Street, is one of the most popular shopping areas in Stockholm. The street is the longest shopping street in Sweden, running from Vasastan all the way to Gamla Stan. It is located in Norrmalm, the city’s busiest and most central neighborhood. It is near all the best landmarks, such as the Sergels Torg glass obelisk and the famous Hay Market. 

This area has so many shops that you won’t be able to do all of them in one trip! The major pedestrian street has many shops such as H&M, Zara, ARKET and Pandora. At the corner of Drottninggatan and Klarabergsgatan, you can shop at Åhlens City, one of the best department stores in the city. Here you can shop fashion, homeware as well as hair and makeup goodies. Drottninggatan is the home to every Swedish retailer but also to a wide range of fashion brands. If you’re looking for affordable prices, then this is the place to be. 


Biblioteksgatan Sweden Stockholm Best Places Shopping Luxury Celine Jimmy Choo

Biblioteksgatan is located in the heart of the city and is the place to go for luxury shopping. You can also find the city’s best restaurants and bars here. Why is this street called Biblioteksgatan? Bibliotek means library in Swedish, and the street is located near the National Library of Sweden, based in the park of Humlegården. It has been a key part of Stockholm’s shopping experience since 1885, and has attracted locals and tourists for its chic feel.

If you’re more into high-end shopping, then you’re in luck! It shows off the best of both Swedish and international designer brands. Did you know the luxury brand Acne was Swedish?

Each shop is beautifully designed and is aesthetically pleasing. Shop at big names such as Celine, Jimmy Choo and Ralph Lauren but to name a few. With the number of luxury stores, you’re bound to see a few fashionistas while finding your own treasure at Biblioteksgatan. Make sure you’re dressed for the occasion!

Sure, Biblioteksgatan is known for its luxury stores, but it also has some trendy, yet more affordable names, to help you shop till you drop! & Other Stories, H&M Home and COS are all H&M Group brands that have set up base in one of Stockholm’s most loved shopping districts.


Götgatan Best Places for Shopping In Stockholm Sweden Södermalm Filippa K

Götgatan is one of the hippest places for shopping in Stockholm. The street runs from one end of Södermalm to the other. This neighborhood is very well known for being a creative one, and is becoming increasingly popular amongst tourists. As well as being a hotspot for vintage shopping, you can find some big designer names like Filippa K. The street has the best of both worlds! The first part of the street, known as Götgatsbacken is pedestrian, with many cyclists, and the side streets are where you can find the best independent stores. Götgatan is renowned for having the best record shops in the city, so if you’re an avid collector, you need to tick this place off your list!

Between shop visits, chill out and get a well-earned coffee break at one of the cafés and bars in the area. The friendly coffee shops will whisk you away from the hustle and bustle of the busy Stockholm streets. The street also runs past one of Stockholm’s first skyscrapers, which was known as the Skatteskrapan (the Tax Scraper) because it was the home to Sweden’s tax authority until recently.


Hamngatan NK Department Store Stockholm Sweden

Hamngatan is a great place for shopping in Stockholm! “Hamn” means Harbor in Stockholm. This is because from here you can grab a streetcar straight to the island of Djurgården. The street runs from Sergels Torg to Nybroplan, and is most renowned for its most elegant department store, NK (Nordiska Kompaniet). Seeing it lit up at Christmas time is truly a showstopper, you won’t be able to take your eyes off the beautiful building! The Stockholm store receives around twelve million visitors a year, and it is truly a symbol of Stockholm’s rising popularity in the fashion industry. This store has 28 thousand square meters of both Swedish and international brands across three floors, making it not only a fashion destination, but a lifestyle destination too!

Break out from the chaos of NK by stopping at the nearby coffee shops and restaurants. Espresso House has a cozy, homely atmosphere that will make you struggle to face the outdoors. We’re sure you’ll be working up an appetite with all that shopping! Fafelle is an awesome Vegetarian restaurant with delicious salads and juices to keep you going on the rest of your shopping spree! All the food is plant-based and is nutritious – what more could you ask for?

Birger Jarlsgatan

Birger Jarlsgatan Best Places For Shopping In Stockholm Sweden Luxury Shops Flagship Stores

Birger Jarlsgatan is a next door neighbor of Biblioteksgatan. The street forms the border between Östermalm and neighboring districts Normalm and Vasastaden. It is named after Swedish statesman, Birger Jarl, who played a pivotal role in the consolidation of Sweden.

This area is another home to luxury brands. Many designer names have their flagship stores in this area, as it is one of the chicest parts of the city. Expect to see the flagship stores of the likes of Prada, Gucci and Louis Vuitton while wandering this stunning street.

Stora Nygatan

Stora Nygatan Gamla Stan Stockholm Sweden Old Town

Stora Nygatan is a street in Gamla Stan, the old town of central Stockholm. The street was created after the great fire of 1625, and therefore probably dates back to 1630. Though this street isn’t known for big, flashy names, it’s one of the best places for shopping in Stockholm if you want to bring back something local from your Swedish escapades. You can find some amazing vintage shops as well as the best comic book store in the city. Serieboden is Sweden’s oldest cartoon store, and you can find everything old and new here, even the very very old!

This street has a hidden gem, loved by locals and celebrities alike. Antik & Kuriosa is known for being Pete Doherty’s favorite shop in Sweden. Here you can find rock’n’roll style army coats and hats, as well as swords and antiques – it really is an eclectic mix here! Don’t be fooled by the stamp collection-filled shop windows, as this shop is often very crowded! You can really find some unique pieces if you take the time to hunt around the store.

After shopping at one of Gamla Stan’s best kept secrets, head over to Tweed, a chic bar putting the focus on its excellent drinks menu. On the upper floor, you can choose from a great selection of cigars. There’s something retro and old-fashioned about the bar that you’ll just love!


Rörstrandsgatan Stockholm Sweden Best Places For Shopping

Rörstrandsgatan is one of Stockholm’s hidden gems. You should visit it for its abundance of cafés, restaurants and shops, all with plenty of character. See it as the Notting Hill of Stockholm, with its quaint streets and independent stores. Here you can find tiny independent boutiques that will provide you with unique gifts to treat yourself or others. It is even becoming the home to more well-known brands, and the area is becoming known as “Little Paris”.

Mäster Samuelsgatan

Mäster Samuelsgatan Mood Stockholm Best Places For Shopping In Sweden Fashion Lifestyle

Mäster Samuelsgatan has earned its place as a firm contender as one of the best places for shopping in Stockholm. It has a wide range of boutiques to get your hands on some original pieces, as well as the galleria MOOD Stockholm. Here you can shop the trendiest clothing, some classy home decor, and even grab dinner with your shopping companions. Brands such as Urban Outfitters, Samsoe & Samsoe and Scotch & Soda can be found here. MOOD offers over 30 stores, 11 restaurants and bars, 6 beauty salons, and even fitness facilities. Everything you could possibly want can be found under one roof!

Speaking of restaurants, this street has plenty to choose from, although CHiÔi (pronounced chee-oy, which literally means “hey, sister!”) has caught our attention. Expect typical Vietnamese cooking with recipes being handed down through generations. Its lunch menu is short and to the point, but if you want more choice, you just have to have dinner here! They promise a “journey through Vietnam” with their delicious flavors! The perfect way to finish a long day of shopping!