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Best Places To Visit In Greece

Greece’s popularity amongst tourism is soaring, and boy do we know it! It was the European nation to welcome the most tourists over July and August 2021 – two million of us visited the country over the summer. Why Greece? It’s the birthplace of Western Civilization, amazing cuisine and of course, beautiful weather. It’s a country rich in history and culture, you’ll have plenty of monuments to visit along the way. The architecture is still traditional and the beaches are divine. It has restaurants and bars for you to enjoy some amazing cuisine and some seriously unforgettable walks. What more could you ask for a vacation destination?

If you’re lucky enough to be heading to Greece soon – we’re envious! Where are the best places to visit in Greece? Let us guide you, these will have to make your to do list!


Greece Santorini Tourist Destination

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Santorini is one of the most popular destinations amongst tourists. It is one of the best places to visit in Greece for its paradisiac setting. It belongs to the Cyclades group of islands. The white and blue architecture, rolling cliffs and aqua-blue waters make it a dreamy place to visit. The volcanic island is rich in history, and the first civilization was reported to be in 3600 BC. Since the 1970s, the island has been developing its tourism, first being renowned as a wedding and honeymoon destination, and now being loved by tourists all over the world. 

How can you discover this paradise? Discover Santorini from the comfort of a boat or ferry, and create your own island-hopping experience. Then, discover those picturesque cliffs that had you dreaming of Santorini. Fira and Oia are the most well-known, and what makes them even more magical is that the villages are built into the cliff face. You can even see them from your hotel. Therefore, whether you brave the cliffs or stay in the comfort of your resort, be sure to admire the incredible sunsets with this gorgeous scenery.


Athens Greek Capital Greece Best Places To Visit

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Athens is historically and culturally rich, and is the birthplace of democracy. It’s one of the most attractive cities in the world. Explore the streets of the ancient city and see the unique ancient architecture. There are plenty of museums for you to visit to learn about the city’s history. If one thing’s for sure, you will have some sightseeing to do. In the museums, you can find renowned pieces and extensive collections of ancient artefacts that will truly enhance your Greek experience. We recommend visiting the National Archaeological Museum, featuring Greek artefacts ranging through the ages. Moreover, they even have a collection on Ancient Egypt!

In the south of the Greek capital, you will find the Athens Riviera. The coast has many beaches for you to lounge at and admire the view. There are also even more beaches on the outskirts, like Vouliagmeni with an incredible landscape waiting to be seen.


Corfu Greece Island Destination Best Places To Visit

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Corfu is a tourist hotspot thanks to its magnificent Mediterranean weather and its ultra-green scenery. Visit the lighthouses and see across the sea and even Albania! Or explore the island’s New Fortress, which helped protect the city against the Turks in 1577. We highly recommend exploring the old town! Its unique architecture is the perfect match between Venetian and Byzantine styles. Above all, we love its mixture between old and new and its cosmopolitan feel. Explore the old picturesque squares and alleys as well as its shops, cafés and restaurants.

Needless to say, Corfu is loved for its stunning beaches. The aqua-blue waters and sandy shores are pretty much the reason why Greece is the best beach getaway destination. Nissaki beach is located on Corfu’s highest peak, it’s the perfect place to relax at, and you can admire Albania from the comfort of your sun lounger.


Knossos Greece Ancient Greek architecture travel

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Knossos, Crete is an archaeological site renowned for its links to Greek mythology. It is the birthplace of the myth of the Minotaur and the Labyrinth. For instance, its Minoan palace is impressive. It was rebuilt after an earthquake in 1700 BC, before being destroyed by a fire in 1380 BC. The site covers 75 hectares and at one time, at least 100,000 people were living in and around the palace. The palace was designed in such a complex manner. Therefore no one managed to find their way out.

When discovering the site, you will see frescoes salvaged from the earthquake and fire, its traditional ceremonial halls as well as sanctuaries. On the east side, there were the royal apartments, and further along were the royal warehouses. Make sure you leave plenty of time to visit Knossos, and its Archaeological Museum of Heraklion, as there is plenty to see!


Rhodes Greece Best Place To Visit

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Rhodes is one of the best places to visit in Greece thanks to its popularity. It is known for being a historical island, dating back to thousands of years. Stories of mythology have been set here, and its landscapes are breathtaking. Butterfly Valley, located on the western side of Rhodes, hosts millions of butterflies. See swarms of butterflies flying to the valley to reproduce in August. Or go in May to see the final stage and admire the new butterflies in all their glory. On your way in, stop off at the Museum of Natural History. Just by the entrance, where the exhibits are represented in their natural habitat.

One of the most impressive beaches at Rhodes is Prasonisi Beach, located to the south of the island. It’s ideal for water sports such as windsurfing and surfing. You can hire surfboards and wet-suits. Rhodes is also known for its nightlife. Nightclubs and bars can be found across the island to finish off your trip in style!


Olympia Greece Ancient Greek Olympic Games

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Olympia is one of the most important archaeological sites in Greece. Firstly, it is where the very first Olympic Games took place. Back in those times, the Olympic Games were created to honor the gods, especially Zeus, and all Greek cities participated. In addition, you can visit both the site and the museums, which are located a 3 and a half hour drive from Athens. Explore the site and the ancient columns and stone archways that make up the historical ruins.

Discover the Museum of the History of the Olympic Games in Antiquity  and the Museum of the History of Excavations in Olympia. The first museum contains ancient art, paintings and statues dating back to the beginning of the Olympic Games in 8th Century BC. The second contains bronzes and sculptures, even pediments from the ancient Temple of Zeus. Head over to Olympia after 2pm to avoid the tourist buses. Have the time and space to discover the site and the museums for yourselves!


Meteora Greece Island Game of Thrones Best Places To Visit

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Meteora is one of the best places to visit in Greece for its lush green scenery. It is easily accessible from Athens and Thessaloniki, yet is far from the hustle and bustle of these cities. Meteora has mountaintop monasteries that are just jaw dropping. The tranquillity of the area is just so soothing, and has featured in many movies such as For Your Eyes Only (James Bond), and it also inspired Game of Thrones.

The oldest monastery is the Great Meteoron that has existed since the mid 1300s. Here you can find paintings of martyrs being tortured, and of the final judgement. You can also find three different museums explaining the history of the monastery. One of them contains a copy of the Suda, a Byzantine encyclopedia dating back to the 10th century. This is so special because it references ancient sources that have since been lost.


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Thessaloniki is known for its Byzantine monuments and ancient architecture. It is also a student city. Erasmus students all over the world coming to attend the universities here. Basically, it’s another case where old meets new. That is to say, ancient architecture juxtaposed with the youthful spirit of its inhabitants. Parts of its history are still visible today, you can still see the ancient fortifications, and the narrow, winding streets. In the old town, you can even find the castle which has been standing for over 1000 years.
For foodies, this is the place to go! Welcome to food heaven! There is a wide variety of cuisines, allowing you to taste not just traditional food, but foreign cuisines that are to die for! After that, walk it all off by walking along the city’s harbor in the Ladidika District.


Kefalonia Greece Caves Europe

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Kefalonia is one of the best places to visit in Greece thanks to its natural beauty. It the biggest Greek island and is set in the Ionian sea. Its idyllic setting is movie-worthy, and its natural beauty will set your heart racing. People flock to Kefalonia for its exotic beaches and awe-inspiring underground beaches. The island has magic and charm that you won’t find anywhere else. Melissani Cove is another place in Greece inspired by Greek mythology. So head over during the early hours to see the sun beams reflect down onto the aqua-blue waters in the cave.

Myrtos beach is the perfect place to do some snorkeling. You’ll love the magical white cliffs that tower over the beach and its white pebbles. Plus, you may even be surprised to find goats at the beach – there are as many goats as there are people on the island!