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Most Instagrammable Destinations

Even at times where we couldn’t travel, Instagram took us far and wide from the comfort of our own home. Influencers sharing their nostalgic travel photos made us dream of freedom and boarding a plane again, which seemed a distant prospect at the time. Now, we are scrolling through Instagram trying to select our next destination. Crystal clear waters, beach huts, futuristic architecture, whatever your dream destination may look like, you’re bound to find some envy-inducing photos on social media.

Want to start making your own memories? We have got a list of the most instagrammable destinations to up your Insta-game!

Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo Japan Instagrammable Destinations

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Tokyo is the destination with the most uses as a hashtag on Instagram. Its futuristic architecture, neon signs and towering skyscrapers make it the perfect photo opportunity. It’s a cultural hub allowing you to discover the city’s history, and offers some amazing shops. What places should you visit for some amazing photos? Akihabara is what you may have spotted on your feed – a place to shop for tech gear in the center with its infamous neon signs and huge buildings.

Japan is famous for its cherry blossom, and making memories here will give you magical photos. The petals will float behind you and you will be surrounded with beautiful pink sakura. The hip and trendy neighborhood, Nakameguro, even has its own cherry blossom festival, creating a pink landscape in part of the capital. Pink-hued lanterns line the street, and while you’re taking some incredible photos, be sure to stop off for some delicious Japanese street food – #Instafood!

Santorini, Greece

Santorini Greece Instagrammable Place

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Santorini’s popularity amongst tourists has soared over recent years thanks to its iconic blue and white Mediterranean architecture. We have all seen beautiful pictures of the rolling cliffs of Santorini and the little roads twisting and turning around its buildings. This is why this had made our list of Instagrammable destinations. We recommend spending your afternoon in a cliff top hotel and upping your Instagame by capturing the beautiful sunset facing this landscape. For views across the island, we recommend visiting Caldera View and admiring life from the edge, all of course while getting a few photos in!

The volcanic island is also the home to some of the world’s most amazing beaches. Take a photo of the aqua blue waters while you are lounging in the sun. Then stop off at some of the island’s finest restaurants and enjoying the stunning views and enjoying a glass of wine. That only means one thing – time to get a photo of that glass of rosé in front of the turquoise sea!

Sydney, Australia

Sydney Australia Picture Perfect Destination

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Sydney is an Instagrammable destination you have to visit at least once in your lifetime! The city brings you closer to nature all while boasting a diverse landscape. Being surrounded by water, you can be sure that Sydney has beautiful beaches for you to get some awe-inspiring snaps out of! Bondi is the city’s most popular beach, and it’s known for its luxurious feel and incredible sunsets. Want to ensure no one photobombs your photos? Then quieter beaches towards the north will be more suitable – check out Avalon Beach and Cronulla Beach.

One of the most popular views in Sydney is the one you’ll find at Sydney Harbor. From this viewpoint, you can see the world-famous Sydney Opera House, the Harbour Bridge and Luna Park. The pink and orange hues of an Australian sunset are bound to take your breath away – and those of your followers too!

Cannes, France

Cannes France Film Festival Destination Instagrammable Place

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The French Riviera has gorgeous scenery, and Cannes, home to the infamous film festival, is no exception. Its palm tree-filled landscape and luxuriously cool feel makes it a hotspot for the rich and famous. But Cannes isn’t just for them! Kick back and admire the views from one of Cannes’ beaches, the private beaches by La Croisette allow you to take some breathtaking photos of the best views Cannes has to offer. Or head over to Plage du Midi, which is quieter and family-friendly for a few family snaps!

While you’re at La Croisette, live the luxurious lifestyle! Have a spot of lunch at one of the beautiful hotels and beachside restaurants. The view will set your heart racing and literally is picture-perfect. Though Cannes is modern and fancy, we also recommend discovering the old town, Le Suquet, where you have a stunning view over Cannes, its red roofs and the Mediterranean. There’s nothing quite like it!

New York City, USA

New York City Instagrammable Destination

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New York is one of the world’s leading cities in fashion, music, art, you name it – New York’s got it! It is a diverse city with five boroughs, each one with its own attitude. It is an Instagrammable destination for its bright lights and amazing and diverse scenery. Broadway, with its old school architecture and neon signs is the perfect place to get snap-happy. Make the most of the opportunity to watch a show at one of its many theaters, and watch some of the greats! One of the most popular tourist attractions is, of course, Times Square. The iconic yellow taxis, against the multicolored, luminous backdrop, are some of the very reasons why we long to travel there.
Another photo opportunity is to be had at Central Park – and not just because of Friends! In the middle of Manhattan, the greenery juxtaposed with the modern and statement architecture shows what New York does best – the mix between old and new. Last but not least, Brooklyn Bridge is a must-see, it’s one of New York’s 789 bridges. It’s also the city’s most well-known bridge, and joins Brooklyn to downtown Manhattan.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Dubai United Arab Emirates Dream Destination Instagram

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Dubai is a globetrotter’s paradise. There is only one place on Earth like Dubai. Once upon a time, Dubai was a desert, and part of that is still available to explore. Go on a desert safari and watch the golden landscape surrounding you. You can even discover the desert on a quad bike and create your own adventure. Dubai’s architecture is pretty much brand new – 40 years ago, Dubai was still mostly desert. Now, it’s the epicenter of diversity, modernity, and of course, amazing nightlife. Why take our word for it? It’s time for you to discover Duabi’s nightlife for yourself, and be sure to take a few Instagrammable photos along your way!

Though life in Dubai may seem chaotic, you can still relax. The city has many beaches for you to choose from to unwind. In particular, Sunset Beach is a quieter beach for you to lounge in the sun and catch up on your reading, or just throw on your earphones and close your eyes a little while.

Phuket, Thailand

Phuket Thailand Asia Instagrammable Destination

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Explore Phuket’s natural beauty with its leafy green palm trees and rich aqua-blue waters. This is an Instagrammable destination as it is a scenic one, with waterfalls and vistas guaranteed. Visit the beautiful Phi Phi islands by going on a boat trip with the girls, and see what Phuket has to offer! Or, if you’re looking for a more chilled out girls’ trip, then stop off at Coral Island and kick back and relax – you deserve it! Here, it is sunny all year round, so enjoy the amazing weather! Any rainstorms that do arise last very little time, and you’ll soon be back out in the sun again.

As well as glorious weather, the food is also a great reason to visit Phuket. Try some delicious Thai food at incredibly cheap prices. If you’re looking for something a little more upmarket, then head towards hotel restaurants for another kind of gastronomic experience. Promthep Cape is said to be one of the most beautiful places in the world when the sun is setting, so after a delicious dinner, we recommend verifying the rumors for yourselves! 

Helsinki, Finland

Helsinki Finland Europe Instagrammable City

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Architecture and design fanatics will fall for Helsinki’s charm, making it an Instagrammable destination. Why should you and the girls visit the Finnish capital on your next girls’ trip? You are surrounded by the sea, providing incredible views no matter what you get up to! The city has over 100km of shoreline. And also, its sauna culture! Relax with the girls in style and try out some of their new design saunas to really embrace the Finnish way of life. If you’re looking for a thrilling day out, then check out Linnanmäki Amusement Park; its rides, notably a giant wheel, are part of Helsinki’s urban landscape.

Another reason is the food – Helsinki has food festivals for you to try out cuisines from all over, as well as Michelin-starred restaurants to treat yourself and the group to. Savotta, a highly-acclaimed restaurant in Helsinki, gives you a real taste of Finland. Expect traditional food and unique recipes. Even the decor is traditional! Get exploring to see the different markets across the city such as the Central Market where even more food sampling can take place and of course, souvenir shopping. Feeling a little adventurous? Take a boat trip to discover nearby islands such as Sveaborg and Suomenlinna Islands with a stunning castle and grounds, rich in history.