Riads Marrakech Morocco tourism destination travel

The Guide To Marrakech

The riads

Riads Marrakech Morocco tourism destination travel

If you want a dreamy location without a hefty price tag, Marrakech certainly has plenty to offer. Its local and traditional accommodation is idyllic, and you can stay at one of their many riads, which were once private homes for generations of Morrocans. These were sometimes even palaces for wealthier families. In addition, a riad will come with a central courtyard and garden.

You’ll be enchanted by the bright light flooding from above. Also, if you’re lucky, you may even get a swimming pool to take in the North African weather! The windows are facing the central courtyard, and there are very few outer windows.

Prices vary for your stay according to the size, the number of people and also the facilities. However, secret gardens and hammams may raise prices. Either way, you will fall in love with North African architecture, and the decadent surroundings.