The World’s Haunted Hotels

Do you believe in ghosts? Most of us probably don’t and casually shrug off any references to the paranormal but our stories of haunted hotels might have you re-evaluating your world views. Are you brave enough to spend a night at one of our haunted hotels?

While hotels are often a place of rest for weary travelers on a journey, they can also serve as the destination. The supernatural component of these hotels has made them the subject of reports from guests and the intrigue of those seeking a paranormal experience.

The Stanley Hotel

The Stanley Hotel opened in 1909 framed by the picturesque backdrop of the Rocky Mountains in Estes Park, Colorado. In September of 1974, Stephen King and his wife Tabitha spent the night at this grand hotel during which Mr. King recounted a dream that he had wherein his three-year-old son was being chased throughout the hotel corridors by a fire hose. This dream had such an impact that it inspired the framework of his novel, The Shining.

After the release of the novel, the hotel gained notoriety as one of America’s most haunted hotels. Guests and employees reports of strange happenings range from pictures of unseen visitors and disembodied voices to objects moving on their own. As a result of the attention received from the strange occurrences, the hotel offers nightly ghost walk tours and at one point had a dedicated paranormal team conducting routine investigations.

Hotel Le Pavillon

Located in downtown New Orleans, this grand hotel offers a truly exceptional experience for anyone seeking a room. Despite its luxurious amenities and prime location, the hotel boasts the reputation as one of the most haunted hotels inside of New Orleans.

Descriptions of the hauntings here include several ghosts recognized by guests and paranormal enthusiasts including a female that bumps into guests before apologizing then vanishing and a couple that is sometimes seen walking the corridors and disappearing into walls and elevators. There are also reports of a mischievous shoeless long haired male presence which pranks patrons by hiding belongings, moving items throughout their rooms and yanking the sheets off of guests during the night. With a city steeped in the paranormal, it is undoubtedly a tall order to have the reputation of one of the most haunted hotels in New Orleans.

The Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel

Nested in the heart of the Banff National Park, this hotel is indeed a landmark. Its castle-like structure is imposing which is only amplified by the surrounding Rocky Mountains which tower over the landscape. While this hotel is well known as a luxury mountain resort and endless lists of activities that take advantage of the locale, people also recognize its less visible guests. Reports of ghostly activity here include a veiled figure which roams the staircases and ballroom, a helpful bellman that vanishes once assisting guests, as well as disembodied screams.

An interesting observation of the hotel is that every floor contains a room that ends with the number 73 except for the 8th floor. There is speculation that there was a family which met a grizzly end here sometime in the past. Whatever the case, the hotel has walled off room 873 and even posted signs requesting guests do not knock on the wall where its door once stood.

Stay on Main (Formerly Cecil Hotel)

This budget hotel located in Downtown Los Angeles is home to a sordid history ranging all the way back to the 1930s. This infamous landmark has been the site of quite a few deaths over the years ranging from murder to mysterious. Sixteen deaths are estimated to have occurred on site and represent just a portion of the dark history of the Cecil Hotel. It was also reportedly home for a time to two serial killers, Richard Ramirez, and Jack Unterweger. Elizabeth Short was believed to have visited the Cecil Hotel in the days leading up to her death which is one of Los Angeles’ most well known unsolved murders dubbed “The Black Dahlia”.

Apart from the morbid history, many of the claims of paranormal activity here seem to surround action from entities including batteries draining, disembodied voices, and photos displaying odd forms that some believe to be apparitions. The potential activity paired with the dark history of the Stay on Main makes this an exciting destination for individuals interested in either.

Queen Mary Hotel

Few locations have paranormal activity reported on the scale of the Queen Mary. Once home to approximately 2.2 million passengers during peacetime, over 800,000 military personnel throughout WW2, it is now docked in Long Beach, California where it is open to visitors. While there are plenty of activities here that incorporate the strange which range from entertaining storytelling tours to complete paranormal investigations.

One of the most haunted rooms available to guests for an overnight stay is room B340 which has been the subject of reports dating back to its last ocean voyage in 1967. It is here that guests have complained of lights and faucets turning off and on on their own, doors closing without assistance, as well as having the sheets pulled off while sleeping only to wake and find a dark figure at the end of the bed. With this room, there is also a chest housing unique items allowing patrons to intensify their overnight experience. One thing is for sure, the staff of the Queen Mary will do whatever they can to assist you in having your own experience.

The Skirrid Inn

Located in the quaint village of Llanfihangel Crucorney, Wales the Skirrid Inn is rumored to be the oldest pub in Wales with a history of over 900 years. Despite the storied past of the pub, there are quite a few reports of supernatural activity that make this location an exciting spot to spend the night.

The Skirrid Inn has been investigated for paranormal activity and featured by television networks as well as Youtube creators such as Most Haunted and AmysCrypt. Some of the reported supernatural events include apparitions both friendly and malevolent, scents of perfume, objects moving without assistance, disembodied voices, and even the feeling of being strangled. The only thing standing between you and a possible experience of your own is the cost for a room.

Hotel Mystays Premier Akasaka (Formerly Akasaka Weekly Mansion)

Formerly the Akasaka Weekly Mansion, this Tokyo hotel has had a vibrant past of supernatural reports that go above and beyond the usual. Most paranormal claims are those of strange mists forming mid-air, spontaneous temperature drops, and figures at the foot of the bed. However, where this location stands out are the guest reports with a more interactive nature such as patrons feeling something, or someone caressing their hair while lying in bed trying to sleep and being shoved into bed unable to move so that they couldn’t escape. An especially terrifying encounter outlines an experience where one woman was dragged across her room by her hair and scratched all over her back by an unseen entity. With any activity like that, you may want to bring a friend!

Ancient Ram Inn

Located in Gloucestershire, this former pub is rumored to be one of the most haunted hotels in all of England. The Ancient Ram Inn has been the subject of paranormal investigations by television shows such as Ghost Adventures and Most Haunted. The land that the inn resides on the intersection of two ley lines which some people believe is a source for high spiritual energy.

Longtime owner and resident of the Ancient Ram Inn, John Humphries, reported extensive experiences up until his death in December 2017. His claims included “demonic” forces that were capable of dragging him across the room, regularly being attacked by a wide range of entities and apparitions. One of the strangest claims is of a succubus entity that creeps into the beds of guests daring to spend the night. During the decline of his health, it is also important to note that the care staff assigned to assist Humphries refused to enter the property alone as a result of a disembodied screaming child and the feeling of being touched. So, if you are looking for a truly unique experience then maybe the Ancient Ram Inn is the place for you to spend a night.

The Langham

This British icon is one of the most well known and largest grand hotels in London. Its intimidating structure located in Central London is home to supernatural reports that are fitting of its grandeur. Paranormal claims include well-dressed apparitions in Victorian-era clothing, taps turning on and off on their own, free-floating fluorescent balls of light moving around, and even reports of guests thrown from their beds.

Omni Parker House

The Omni Parker House, established in 1855, is a landmark in downtown Boston for both its old-world charm as well as the presence of the supernatural. Paranormal activity here includes apparitions, phantom smells, bathtub faucets turning on and off, an elevator that arrives on the third floor without being called, phantom knocks, the creaking of rocking chairs, and disembodied laughter.

One of the most popular rooms at the Omni Parker House is room 303. It is here that patrons have shared reports of seeing odd shadows moving throughout the room and causing harmless mischief. At some point, the room was converted into a storage closet. Despite the conversion of this room, there is still plenty of ongoing activity reported, making this one of the most haunted hotels in New England.

The Russell Boutique Hotel

The Russell Boutique Hotel is not only one of the oldest buildings in Australia but also boasts a reputation as a supernatural hotspot. Its storied history includes opening as a convict’s hospital at one point housing patients suffering from the bubonic plague later renovated and expanded to operate as a public trading house and finally converted into a hotel.

Lucy Thackray wrote an article in The Daily Mail Australia in August of 2015 outlining her overnight stay and the subsequent terrifying experience in the dark early hours of the morning. Hotel staff and guests periodically reported a male entity in room 8. Other guests reports include sounds of a cabinet creaking within the room without being touched, phantom sounds throughout the hotel, apparitions, as well as an ominous feeling forcing them to check out late into the night. Whatever the cause for their early and untimely departure, it is fair to say that one night in this hotel could be one that you will never forget.

Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea has a famous history with a variety of well-known guests having passed through its halls at one time or another. Supernatural events reported here include shadow figures, disembodied voices, and lights turning on and off on their own. This activity, however, is the more common type of event that is reported with many haunted locations. Some of the more notorious happenings directly associated with the deaths of famous individuals that occurred on-premise or within a short time of their final visits.

Dylan Thomas, who spent some of his final days in room 206, died November 9, 1953. Some guests that have spent the night in this room had reported strange activity ranging from footsteps just outside the room door to the sight of him standing at the end of their bed just before slowly vanishing.

Nancy Spungen, the girlfriend of Sid Vicious, died October 12, 1978, after spending days doing drugs with Sid in room 100. Her death was the result of a stab wound to the chest. Reports from surrounding suites include the sounds of people yelling, loud music, and apparitions.

In room 124 two women spending the night reported a strange occurrence. They stated that they heard a female voice scream from the bathroom and then the lights began turning off and on rapidly. When developed, a photo of the doorway appeared to show a skeleton.

Other incidents include a spirit named “Larry” who wanders the halls speaking at all hours. Poltergeist activity is also reported to occur in the lounge basement. However, the only way to know for sure is to pay a visit and see what happens.

Karosta Prison Hotel

Karosta Prison Hotel, located in Latvia, has a lot to offer a daring traveler. With a history of death and brutal torture during its time as a Soviet military prison, this location is as likely as any to contain the lost and wandering souls of the past. When visiting and spending the night, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy. However, this is not just a standard tour. When touring Karosta, you are handed a candle for light and given a set of floor plans to navigate as well as document any activity that you witness while investigating is dark and damp corridors for a solid 3 hours.

This particular location was subject to investigation during 2009 by the group Ghost Hunters: International. Reports of activity include disembodied voices ushering warnings, whispers, sounds of cell doors, footsteps, tugs on clothing, as well as the feeling of being touched by some supernatural force. Another notable claim is that of the named apparition, “The White Lady” who is rumored to be the spirit of a troubled woman that hung herself when she discovered that her fiance had been executed.

The hotel literature paired with the claims of paranormal at this location makes this a truly unique experience. However, if any of this sounds like too much, then you may want to plan a visit elsewhere.

Hotel Del Coronado

Hotel Del Coronado is a destination fitting for any paranormal enthusiast boasting a long history of reports which even played a part in the inspiration for the short story and movie adaptation of “1408” by Stephen King. The beautiful seaside location, steeped in supernatural goings-on could easily complement your next vacation.

Room 3327 is a hotspot with activity ranging from disembodied footsteps surrounding the bed to pillows stacked by an unseen force. This room is where “the beautiful stranger”, Kate Morgan, spent her last few lonely days before committing suicide on the hotel grounds. Additional activity is attributed to her such as an apparition in the hallways, on the beach, and in the gardens across the property.

Other activities experienced on the property include electronics turning themselves on and off, phantom breezes and scents, objects moving on their own, and sounds that seem to emanate from thin air. Whether you are looking for fun in the sun or a paranormal destination for potential encounters with the supernatural, this location has it all.

The 1886 Crescent Hotel

The Crescent Hotel, located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas, truly embraces the otherworldly reputation garnered by its history as well as reported activity experienced by both patrons and staff alike. With plenty of activities and events that encourage guests to engage the spirits as well as the telling of their tales, this location fosters a paranormal environment.

Reports of activity include electronics operating on their own, batteries rapidly draining, disembodied voices, disembodied breathing noises, feeling of being touched, as well as instant and extreme drops in temperature. The intensity and frequency with which guests report these occurrences make this a haunted hotel that should be on the list for any paranormal enthusiast.

Chillingham Castle

Chillingham Castle, located in Northumberland, England, is a medieval castle that is now transformed into a unique and picturesque location to visit while traveling. With its allure as a medieval fortress, it should come as no surprise that it includes claims of supernatural happenings. Dating back to the late 12th century, Chillingham Castle boasts a history that is the stuff of movies. Equipped with a dungeon, you can probably imagine the horrors that took place at the hands of the controlling family.

In the countless years that the castle has stood and throughout renovations some bodies have been discovered bricked behind walls, in crawlspaces and various other rooms, as well as an underground vault. With the amount of terror and pain experienced here, it is no surprise that there are a staggering number of claims made by visitors of unusual and unexplainable experiences.

The Edward Room, also referred to as the Killing Room has been the subject of many reports by guests. This area of Chillingham often fosters claims of overwhelming emotions of sadness while the guests are subjected to the stench of human blood filling their nostrils. It is not a stretch to understand that guests leave this room distraught when you learn that this was a location where children saw their parents horrifically killed just before meeting their end.

Another notable claim of Chillingham is an apparition named the “Blue Boy” who is believed to be the spirit of a child found bricked in alive accompanied by some scraps of clothing and a few documents. There was evidence to suggest that he tried to claw his way out of this monstrous tomb using only his hands until his fingers were just nubs. His ghost is often spotted in the Pink Room where his body was found after all that time.

Patrons also report terrifying interactions with spirits at Chillingham such as being scratched, bitten, and even having their hair pulled by unseen forces which occupy the dark. The addition of hundreds of odd photos and audio recordings add to the reputation of Chillingham as one of the most haunted locations in the world.

La Fonda on the Plaza

The La Fonda on the Plaza, located in Sante Fe, New Mexico, is a truly unique destination offering relaxation to the weary traveler. This establishment is the perfect locale interested in a bit of history and possibly a supernatural experience. With ‘fondas’ situated here as far back as 1607, it was only natural that this establishment was resurrected in 1922 on the site of its predecessors.

It is no wonder that this hotel which rests on a site that has seen over 400 years of hospitality, public hangings, and violent gunfights may have some supernatural happenings as a result. Some believe that the ghosts residing here are those of guests that never left.

Patrons have reported several apparitions of the inn including one of the most prominent the Honorable Judge Slough who continues to roam the hallways. During the 1970s there was a guest complaint answered by the front desk of somebody pacing in the corridor outside of his door. When an employee was sent to check on this, they reported seeing a tall man wearing a black coat vanish into a stairwell. The employee decided to give chase, but when he arrived at the stairs, the mysterious guest was nowhere to in sight.

Another apparition commonly reported is that of a man believed to have been the spirit of a distressed salesman who tossed himself into the well after the loss of all his company’s money. The claims are from both staff and patrons who see the ghost of this man walking into the center of the dining room, known as La Plazuela, where the well would have been located and seemingly jump through the floor, vanishing.

The other figures which are often reported by guests are said to walk the hallways near La Terraza, the restaurant on the east side of La Fonda, and another that haunts the Sante Fe Room. Whether you are visiting for the aesthetic, the history, or the supernatural, the La Fonda on the Plaza promises to be an unforgettable experience.

Hawthorne Hotel

Located in the heart of Salem, Massachusetts, this historic hotel has hosted well over 1 million guests. It is no surprise that in a town renowned for its history with the occult and more notably the Salem witch trials which occurred between 1692 and 1693. Even though the General Court declared these trials to be unlawful in 1702 leading to a bill to be passed in 1711 which restored the rights and names of the accused, the occult and paranormal still entrance visitors to Salem.

Guests to the Hawthorne Hotel have reported strange happenings such as phantom sounds, having objects rearranged in their rooms, uneasy feeling as if an unseen force is present, lights and faucets operating on their own, as well as the sensation of being touched. Given the long and sordid history of Salem, it is no surprise that someone or something is operating in the darkness.

Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel

Declared #545 on the list of Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monuments, this historic hotel located in Hollywood, California has been synonymous with fame throughout its history. Iconic guests and residents include Clark Gable, Marilyn Monroe, Shirley Temple, and Carole Lombard which some speculate may not have checked out.

Suite #1200 is the subject of reports in which guests have seen the spirit of Marilyn Monroe in mirrors leaving them to speculate that she returned after death. Montgomery Clift is believed to be stirring up activity in room 928 where patrons feel someone brushing up against them, hear phantom sounds of a trumpet as well as shuffling, and see his shadow moving throughout the room. One of the most disturbing reports of activity from 928 is that of being held down in the bed by an unseen force and being unable to move. Other reported occurrences within the hotel include faint sounds of piano play, apparitions, guests locked out of their rooms, and the strange phantom sounds of stomping boots.

Goldfield Hotel

This hotel is no longer in operation but has been the center of many reports of paranormal activity. Featured in documentaries such as Scariest Places on Earth and Ghost Adventures, this hotel has been the subject to the scrutiny of many enthusiasts. Unfortunately, due to the state of its structure, this hotel has been closed off to the public.

Reports of supernatural occurrences from the Goldfield Hotel throughout the years have included objects thrown, being touched by unseen forces, disembodied voices, as well as an oppressive spirit, thought to be a past guest who had chained his pregnant wife to a radiator. This location is unique as the documentary by the Ghost Adventures crew seemed to show actual evidence of paranormal activity while they were the only people in the building. The final moments of their time spent investigating this hotel show them experiencing such a high level of activity that they fled from the building.