Top 20 World’s Most Expensive Hotel Rooms

We envy the lives of the rich and famous – more particularly their jet-setting lifestyles. Traveling means having luxurious places to stay, and when you can splash the cash, why not treat yourself to a stay in some of the most jaw-dropping suites in the world? The rest of us normal folk, will just have to resort to living vicariously through phots.

If you’re just browsing, or you want to treat yourself to a stay in some of the most amazing places out there, check out our list of the best and fanciest hotel rooms out there. So no matter where you are in the world, you’ve got a beautiful place to stay!

Royal Suite, Burj Al Arab – $22,900/night

The Royal Suite at the Burj Al Arab in Dubai is one of the most beautiful hotel rooms in the world – the suite flows over two floors with 2 lounges, 2 bars, your own dining area, your own elevator and two large dressing rooms. Basically, it’s like your own palace! On top of that you have a full sized Jacuzzi and your room will be stocked up with Hermes goodies – only the best!

The Penthouse Suite, The Martinez Hotel – $18,000/night

Spend your trip at the most iconic French Riviera hotel. Known as one of the largest suites in France, it has its own garden, pool, and is decorated with amazing artwork. On the inside, you have your own dining room, kitchen and your own desk to work at. This suite is often favored by the Hollywood crowds with Cannes Film Festival taking by close by, so you’ll be wining and dining with the best!

The Sky Villa, Palms Casino Resort – $40,000/night

The Palms is the most expensive hotel in the world, and their Sky Villa proves that it is worthy of its price point. The suite or the villa is set upon two floors with a 17 seated bar, two lounges and can accommodate up to 52 guests! There is also a gym for the fitness fanatics and a private pool to make the most of the views. If you’re planning to party in Vegas, the Sky Villa is the place to stay!

The Shahi Mahal Suite, Raj Palace Hotel – $60,000/night

The Raj Palace Hotel is in fact a former palace that has been transformed into one of India’s most luxurious hotels. The Shahi Mahal suite is their most dramatic and architecturally fascinating suites, with tapestries and embellished columns, you will have suite fit for royalty. It has 6 bedrooms, its own theater and you can even get your own kitchen staff if you really want to embrace the royal experience!

The Royal Penthouse Suite, Hotel President Wilson – $83,200/night

Geneva is already a luxurious destination, but whilst you’re there, make your stay all the more extravagant with a stay at the Royal Penthouse Suite at the Hotel President Wilson. There are 8 bedrooms, marble bathroom, a Jacuzzi facing the beautiful lake views and even a piano! For those who are into their fitness, there is also a gym. Is there anything this suite doesn’t have?

The Royal Villa, Grand Resort Lagonissi – $45,000/night

On your stay in Athens, spend your trip away at the idyllic Royal Villa. This suite has been designed for royal and celebrity guests, and has amazing outdoor facilities with incredible views of Athens – you have your own BBQ, a heated pool and even a hammock! Start your day off with a quick trip to the gym before eating out breakfast on your very own terrace.

The Ritz-Carlton Suite, Ritz-Carlton – $18,200/night

The Ritz-Carlton Presidential suite can welcome three guests and has a panoramic view of Moscow. Set across a staggering 11 floors, you have your own personal butler and a beautiful décor with glass chandeliers and world renowned artwork. You even have your own sauna and Jacuzzi – in case the one wasn’t enough! The Ritz-Carlton could definitely get us accustomed to this kind of luxury.

The Imperial Suite, Park Hyatt – $20,000/night

Stay in one of Paris’ chicest areas, Place Vendome, in the Imperial Suite at Park Hyatt. In this luxurious suite, you have your own kitchen, dining room and living room, your own bar, your own walk-in dressing room and even a spa! Perfect for relaxing after a long walk around the city center!

Villa La Capula Suite, Westin Excelsior – $29,000/night

When in Rome, treat yourself to the Villa La Capula suite that covers 6,099 square feet and has a beautiful balcony and terrace. You also have a Jacuzzi pool, a private kitchen and a dining room with your own private wine cabinet allowing you to choose from over 150 wines. Now if that’s not living the Dolce Vita…

The Shangri-La Suite, Shangri-La Bosphorus – $26,385/night

Take in the panoramic views of the Bosphorus Straight from the Shangri-La Suite. Watch the sun rise from one of your three private terraces, and unwind in the evenings with the marble bath and shower. To really enhance the luxury experience, you even get Bvlgari toiletries – perfect for those evenings in!

The Royal Suite, Hôtel Plaza Athénée – $27,000/night

Stay at the prestigious Hôtel Plaza Athénée on Avenue de Montaigne, and opt for their swankiest suite. Enjoy the French romantic atmosphere with a balcony view of the Eiffel Tower, and even bring along a few guests as it has a staggering four bedrooms. You can even choose your pillow from a pillow menu – if that isn’t luxurious, we don’t know what is!

The Royal Suite, St. Regis Saadiyat – $35,000/night

The Royal Suite at St. Regis Saadiyat in the United Arab Emirates has ocean views and boasts a spacious living room, kitchen and dining area, as well as a private study and even a mini cinema. Enjoy the high life with your own butler, and relax in the spa and sauna to start your day off right!

The Ty Warner Penthouse, Four Seasons – $60,000/night

The Ty Warner penthouse is a collaboration between the Four Seasons in New York City and visionary hotel owner, Ty Warner. From this amazing penthouse, you have a 360° view of the whole of the city, and you have the choice of 4 balconies to take in the view from. Wind down in the infinity tub, have access to your own bar, shop at exclusive stores in the lobby and test out the Garden Restaurant for a fine-dining experience. If you want to see something revolutionary, a stay at the Ty Warner Penthouse is one to note!

Oceanview Suite, Las Ventanas al Pariso – $35,000/night

Admire the views from your Oceanview Suite at this Mexican hotel. With three bedrooms, three bathrooms, and a view of the resort, beach and the Sea of Cortez, you can’t go wrong with this room. Host a dinner party with your own kitchen, private wine cellar and dining area for your fellow guests, and treat yourself to some TLC with your own private Jacuzzi. Plus you have access to their gym and spa, you’ll feel fully pampered and relaxed by the end of your stay!

Extreme Wow Suite, W Singapore – $13,000/Night

Treat yourself to a luxurious stay at the loudly and modernly furnished Extreme Wow Suite. It truy has the “wow” factor, with marbled surfaces and dashes of purple velvet. You have jaw-dropping views of the marina, and for the party-goers, you have your own standalone bar, DJ booths and hot tubs outside and inside! If you love nightlife, then this suite is the place to be!

The Apartment, Conaught Hotel – $23,500/night

Mayfair-based The Conaught Hotel is one of the most glamorous and luxurious hotels to stay in during your time in London. Have a view of London’s most chicest areas from your private balcony, take in the original art work and chill out in your own living area. Plus, you have your own dressing room to hang up your clothes after a shopping session and even entertain guests in your dining area and kitchen. You are even offered a Burberry trench to wear during your stay – now that is luxury!

The Bridge Suite, The Atlantis Resort – $23,700/night

Stay in a suite fit for royalty at the Atlantis Resort in The Bahamas. Take advantage of the oceanic views and enjoy the beautiful furnishings in metallic and neutral shades. You have a team of butlers and chefs on hand to help improve your stay, and you have 3 bedrooms to choose from! To make your stay even more outstanding, you have your own private library, games room and massage room – what more could you need?

The Mark Penthouse, The Mark Hotel – $75,000/night

The Mark Penthouse is the biggest suite in the United States, spanning 10,000 square feet, it boasts 5 bedrooms, 7 bathrooms, 4 fireplaces and high ceilings. With your own grand piano, separate hosting areas, a private library and fully-equipped kitchen, you’ll never want to leave! On top of all that, you have a gorgeous view of New York City.

The Chairman’s Suites, The Venetian – $25,000/night

What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas… This suite is on invitation-only and has its own vanity and barber area, a video game room, a sauna, a fitness room, a steam room – what ever you want, you got it. Get VIP treatment with your own butler and access to their Paiza Club on the 36th floor and live the Vegas experience to the full!

Octavius Tower Villas, Caesar’s Palace – $40,000/night

Who hasn’t heard of Caesar’s Palace in Vegas? It is the most famous hotel there, and with good reason! Make your stay one to remember by booking the Octavius Tower Villas – yes, real villas! Once you have taken your own private elevator to get there, you have your own home cinema, grand pianos and of course, butler service. Then, spend the evening in their casino and live that Vegas life!