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Trendiest Restaurants In Helsinki

Helsinki is one of the most famous dining destinations in the world. Eastern Europe dining is way more than fish and stodgy food. This is just a cliché. In fact, they certainly know a thing or two when it comes to fine dining. The prices are relatively cheap in Helsinki, meaning you can eat amazing quality food at a fraction of the price that you would pay at home. There are some very fashionable spots where you can enjoy the best Helsinki has to offer. It truly is a foodie haven!

The food in Helsinki, Finland is great value for money. There are plenty of high-quality and Michelin-starred restaurants for you to choose from. Want to find out more? Read on to discover the trendiest dining experiences in Helsinki…

Gastro Kallo Café

Gastro Kallo Café Helsinki Dining Experiences

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Gastro Cafe Kallio is a bakery and restaurant based in Kallio. The local restaurant offers the best organic produce, to get your taste buds tingling. You can enjoy delicious meals in the evenings and brunch on weekends. Their food is based on Nordic cuisine with both French and Russian influences.

The restaurant is led by two baker chefs, and the wine menu is made up of the best European wines. The trendy eatery has certainly gained somewhat of a cult following over the last few years.

Gastro Cafe Kallio are continuously proving that their menu has great diversity. They are dedicated to using red meat, and they use all parts of the meat to avoid waste. All the bread is baked on site. They even make their own sausages!

One of the restaurant’s specialties is fish served whole, and every now and again, patrons are served a long, 10 to 14 course meal Sunday menu designed by visiting culinary experts. There are also occasional theme nights to get those taste buds tingling, and you can see live music while you are enjoying your meal.


Gaijin restaurants in Helsinki North Asian cuisine

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Gaijin was created after chefs Tomi Björck and Matti Wikberg went on a journey to discover China, Japan and Korea. This led to them falling in love with their cuisine. The pair had previously worked at Chez Dominique and had a vision of creating a North Asian restaurant together. Furthermore, through all these experiences, they developed a modern type of Asian cuisine that is loved by locals and tourists alike.

The restaurant is located in the trendy spot at the corner of Bulevardi and Yrjönkatu, known for its bars, restaurants and galleries. The food is beautifully presented, and shows a skilful take on Asian cuisine. The dining spot offers local seafood and meat and a cocktail menu like no other!

The restaurant is known for its dark, contemporary decor that gives it a mysterious yet attractive and warm atmosphere. Expect food combinations like you’ve never seen before, and seasonal tastes that will blow your tastebuds. Gaijin’s food philosophy is based on social eating – they have a long communal table, and the dishes are made to be shared.


Muru restaurants in Helsinki Wine Spectator restaurant of the year

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Restaurant Muru is a bistro restaurant located in the heart of Helsinki at the corner of Fredrikinkatu and Lönnrotinkatu. Their priority is to choose the most local and freshest ingredients to serve up some delicious, homely meals. Most importantly, their 4 course seasonal menu is the most loved by its guests. Their wine menu has even won the Best Award of Excellence from the Wine Spectator. They also won the title of “restaurant of the year” in 2012 by the Gastronomic Society. You know that when it’s award-winning, it’s got to be good!

Muru was founded by a group of friends back in 2010. These friends are the founders and owners,  Henri Alén, Timo Linnamäki and Samuil Angelov, and they are all long term professionals in the restaurant industry. Their chef is Karoliina Narkiniemi and the manager is Maiju Rintala. Together, they concoct new ideas every day to surprise their guests.


Grön restaurants in Helsinki fine dining experiences restaurant of the year

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Grön is a plant-based restaurant in Helsinki, creating high quality food that will also inspire you. There are two fully vegan menu options. Above all, the food is based on seasonal, wild and organic Scandinavian produce. You can tuck into some colorful and innovative dishes, it is the place to go for plant-based food. As a matter of fact, the place is also known for its delicious ice cream. You’ll love their spot-on wine and champagne choices. Book your table in advance as Grön is usually packed. Every meal whisks you away to the forests and sea.

The wine menu is handwritten and the owners of Grön certainly know a thing or two considering they also own a wine bar. In 2017, it was named Restaurant of the Year, and it’s all thanks to the lively atmosphere and dreamy ingredients. The relaxed ambiance and the high quality dishes make it one of the best places to eat vegan food in the city!


Vinkkeli Michelin star restaurants in Helsinki drinks menu

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Vinkkeli is a Michelin-starred restaurant in Helsinki, more particularly in the heart of the Kaartinkaupunki neighborhood. The restaurant boasts classic cuisine at an affordable price. And the food is elegant yet not over-the-top. They truly let the ingredients do the talking.

Additionnally, there is just as much attention to detail when it comes to their wine and drinks menu. In other words, this allows you to choose from a wide selection to perfectly compliment your meal.

You’ll love the relaxed atmosphere of the restaurant, as well as the expert service. The elegant decor is another one of the reasons that employees are proud to work here. Guests are also excited to dine at this beautiful venue, and it’s no surprise!

The restaurant is run by three passionate experts. They share over 10 years of experience at Helsinki’s most prestigious restaurants. Most importantly, their goal is to prioritize classic cuisine, fresh and local ingredients and a seasonal menu. This means you won’t see a fussy, over-the-top menu here! Moreover, they are just as well known for their wines. You can even book a wine tasting with the restaurant’s award-winning sommelier to be guided into the mysterious world of wines.


Apotek restaurants in Helsinki pharmacy swan wine bar

Apotek is a classy wine bar in Helsinki. Once the historic pharmacy Swan, the building based in the corner of Lapinlahdenkatu and Eerikinkatu was renovated and transformed into this swish wine bar. They have even kept some elements of the decor, such as the signs and medicine jars for an edgy feel.

Head chef Ville Rainio offers a selection of entrées in small bites to compliment the wines you try. The cheeses, charcuterie and pâtés will also taste amazing along with the bar’s finest wines. Otherwise, there are vegetarian options, so you don’t have to miss out on any taste sensations. As well as ordering small dishes throughout the meal, you can compile a longer set menu. Equally, you can even share dishes with your fellow foodies!

The wines are selected from mainly European grower-producers, and their focus is on artisan wines by independent family-owned wineries. In the summertime, you can sip on your new-found favorite wine on the beautiful terrace just outside the restaurant. One of the best parts, other than the wine, is the incredible staff and hospitality. You’ll never want to go anywhere else!

The Glass

The Glass Helsinki restaurant fine dining Finnish Museum of Photography

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The Glass is a bistrot in Helsinki, next to the new K1 exhibition space of the Finnish Museum of Photography, at the basement floor of Kämp Galleria. Although it may not be the easiest to find, that’s what makes its charm. It is a hidden gem in Helsinki.

The restaurant was launched by entrepreneurs Jarkko Myllymäki and Ykä Raitanen. However it’s not just a restaurant, but also a rhum bar and café! Their goal is to offer the best food, drink and ambiance in town – and they certainly live up to that! It is the new fine dining experience in the city.

The food is beautifully presented, with impeccable service and a beautifully designed restaurant. Not to mention the chic decor which will catch your attention. It simply oozes sophistication! As well as serving delicious meals in the evening, on weekdays, the restaurant serves lunch.